Maryland Code


Orphans Court

(a) (1) The court may:

    (i) Conduct judicial probate;

    (ii) Direct the conduct of a personal representative;

    (iii) Summon witnesses; and

    (iv) Issue orders that may be:

        1. Required in the course of the administration of an
          estate of a decedent; or

        2. Necessary to determine the value or sources of
          payment of an elective share under § 3–413 of this article.

      (2) The court may not, under pretext of incidental power or
        constructive authority, exercise any jurisdiction not expressly conferred.

(b) The court may not establish rules of practice and procedure inconsistent
with the Maryland Rules or with any statute.

(c) An interested person may petition the court to resolve any question
concerning an estate or its administration.

(d) This section may not be construed to limit the court’s authority under §
1–301(b) of this article.