Campaign Promises

If elected I make three promises, 1) to work for modernization and reform to allow families easier access to the probate process and the Orphans Court, 2) to work within the system for more judicial transparency, and 3) to fairly apply all the laws to all parties.

The Register of Wills and Orphans Court should no longer be paper based but should fully embrace electronic documents and online filings. The Court has made great progress but reform needs to be sped up. The process is too cumbersome and takes to long given modern technology.

Fortunately the state legislature has shown support for the reform of the Orphans Court and in 2021 passed legislation to form a task force to discuss changes to the Court. That process needs to be continued and I believe my experience with the legislature can facilitate implementing positive change.

Also I feel strongly about judicial transparency. Judges at all levels stand for election, which should continue, but it is difficult for the voters to assess their performance. Governor Hogan sought to change this and sponsored legislation in the 2022 General Assembly session to provide more transparency in judicial actions. The legislature passed a bill but it was much watered down. That effort to better assess the work of judges needs to continue. For democracy to work the voters have to have some way to measure judicial performance.

Lastly I would promise to try and apply the law consistently and fairly. Favored laws, and favored defendants have led many to believe that justice is not blind, but infused with bias. I promised to stick to the facts of each case and follow the written law.

I would be happy to discuss this in more detail. I kindly ask for your vote.