Tony McConkey for Judge of the Anne Arundel County Orphans Court

I, Tony McConkey, am happy to announce my candidacy for Judge of the Orphans Court.

I greatly appreciate the wonderful support I have received in Anne Arundel County since first being elected in 2002, and I see this as an exciting next step in my career in public service.

I am a lifelong Marylander, 58, who moved to Annapolis from Prince George’s County in 1997, and moved to Severna Park in 2001 after marrying Severna Park native Susan Dill McConkey. We have three children, with the oldest starting college in the Fall, and we are active at St. John’s.

I represented Anne Arundel County for sixteen years as a Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly. During that time I worked up close with the court system by serving for more than a decade on its issues, not only those of the Orphans Court, but also issues of the civil and criminal courts, law enforcement, victims rights and elder abuse.

Also I was a member of a six person panel that oversaw the budgets and administration of the state judiciary, including the Orphans Courts and Register of Wills. That experience gave me an education on the business side of the courts in issues of funding, staffing, modernization and reform. That knowledge and experience makes me well qualified to serve on the Court.

In addition, my work outside of government has prepared me for this position. I have been involved for 38 years in the real estate business, serving many roles from sales agent, to broker, to business owner, to investor, and property manager. Much of the subject matter before the Court is the disposition of real estate and other property after death.

Time of death valuations, advising families, and helping to prepare estate properties has been a regular part of my experience in real estate, and my work on more than a thousand property transactions is great experience that will help me to be a good Judge on the Anne Arundel County Orphans Court.

If elected I make three promises, 1) to work for modernization and reform to provide families easier access to the probate process and the Orphans Court, 2) to work within the system for more judicial transparency, and 3) to fairly apply all the laws to all parties. (click here to read more)

I would greatly appreciate your support.

Authority: Mary Dill, Treasurer